Our company is mainly engaged in the production and installation of kitchen furniture , custom kitchen furniture .

The kitchen is an important part of our daily lives as a work and living space. You can make your baking a pleasant pastime by arranging it properly for convenient use.

We provide help with this, with advice, tips and ideas based on our many years of experience.

Our kitchen furniture services

  • Pricing
  • Consulting
  • Custom manufacture of furniture
  • Design of custom exhausts
  • Complete construction, installation
  • Purchase and installation of kitchen machines
  • Transport organization
  • Kitchen furniture installation
  • Performing related trades (tiling, painting, electrical installation, etc.)


  • The built-in silicone ring is form-fitting, removable and repaintable when painted.
  • The cost is approx. 5%.
  • We provide the same airtightness as the expensive plastic windows.
  • It pays off very quickly, we do not heat the street, do not pull the window, our sense of comfort increases significantly.
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